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Mindfulness is an evidence-based mind training skill that anyone can learn. It can help you manage stress and feel more calm, clear and connected.


Used in schools and universities, professional sports, corporate workplaces, and a variety of mental health therapies, mindfulness is a skill that can help us respond much more effectively to the challenges of life.

Mindfulness For Living is an Australia based consultancy founded by Peter Muizulis. Our services include mindfulness training, mindfulness based counselling, and
NDIS support services.


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Interview with Jean Hailes Womens Health
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Mindfulness meditation has helped me recover from severe stress much more quickly than I could have imagined.

Peter assisted me to build a daily meditation practice and a mindfulness framework that I now use to focus,

manage pressure and cultivate a sense of wellbeing.

Personally I’ve found it encourages a sense of joy and fulfilment;

it’s my favourite part of the day.


T.G., Business Owner, Melbourne

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