Hi, I'm Peter.


I've been practising and teaching mindfulness and meditation since 1980. I'm passionate about mental health, and about the future of the planet. 
I have an honours degree in 
psychology from Deakin University (Australia) and am a nationally certified workplace trainer. I have trained in a wide variety of awareness practices, including Vipassana Meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Transcendental Meditation (TM), Chi Gong energy work, and Hatha Yoga. 


Through my consultancy Mindfulness For Living, I've provided mindfulness training to organisations such as National Australia Bank, Transport Accident Commission, and Deakin University.


I live in a cottage in the forest in southern Australia with my lovely wife, naughty dog, and numerous kangaroos.


Peter Muizulis

After only two months of fortnightly sessions, the mindfulness practice has helped me break a very long run of broken sleep. I've also become more aware of my stress triggers so I can face them more calmly instead of getting caught up in my reactions. The people around me (including my students) have also noticed this greater sense of calm, and it's obviously benefitting them as well as me. Throughout my training, Peter has been incredibly approachable and supportive. I feel more rested, calm and focussed than I have for years.


I.I., Schoolteacher, Melbourne

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Peter Muizulis
The training programs provided by Peter Muizulis and Mindfulness For Living are not intended to provide diagnosis or treatment for any specific mental health condition. If you have a clinical mental health condition or are concerned about your mental health, you should first consult a qualified mental health professional.