The testimonials below are from corporate and personal clients. 
Names have been omitted to protect privacy.

"I attended my first mindfulness session with Peter at the encouragement of colleagues who had attended previously and found great benefit from the practice. I’m currently involved in a research project focusing on mental health so was curious about the practice and its role in mental wellbeing. I really enjoyed the first session and the sense of calm that it instilled, so I took up the offer of individual one-on-one phone coaching sessions with Peter. After regular practice and ongoing support from Peter, I really appreciate the sense of awareness and emotional control I feel I have in my day-to-day life. I have learned a lot about myself and the way I react to a range of situations and believe that I manage stressful situations in a more positive way than prior to practising mindfulness. I would highly recommend offering these sessions to staff in the future to assist their productivity and support their mental health."

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the monthly mindfulness sessions run by Peter Muizulis this year. The opportunity these sessions provide me to stop and reflect on the ways in which I engage or not with my own levels of stress and mental health is invaluable. The skills Peter teaches us provide very tangible ways with which to practice mindfulness both at work and in our personal lives."

"I found the mindfulness training really valuable and think it should be mandatory because of the stress and pressure generated by our society. I personally had a burnout a year ago due to PhD stress linked with personal events. I suggest this program should be an ongoing event as it would be very beneficial for the mental health of all staff."

"I have been very impressed by Peter’s professionalism, both in his initial workshop and in our follow-up phone calls about my progress. As I tried to imbed the habit of mindfulness into what is already a very full schedule, he was unceasingly patient, friendly and understanding about my position and consistently supplied useful suggestions, as well as providing timely reminders about the benefits of managing to do this! I found that my ten minutes a day of practising mindfulness was an enjoyable time in which I surprised myself by how well I could leave behind my everyday concerns. I was able to feel truly mentally refreshed after even a short session of mindfulness, utilising Peter’s guided audio meditations. These recordings provide different ways to induce mindfulness and provide variety in terms also of length, which was helpful if I had limited time."

"When I started attending the mindfulness sessions I didn’t know what to expect as I had no prior experience with this. I had heard of the many benefits of mindfulness but I must admit that I wasn’t fully convinced and was worried that I would be wasting my time. Nevertheless, I did approach the sessions with an open mind. I was very surprised to see that it does work – despite coming back from maternity leave and adjusting to a very busy teaching/research workload I felt noticeably less stressed compared to previous years and I have been able to focus on tasks better which has led to a greater productivity and better/more strategic planning. I have been very much looking forward to the monthly group practice sessions – I doubt that without your expert guidance and the regular refreshers I would continue to practice mindfulness on my own. I hope that your consultations are offered to staff again next year!"

"After years of trying and failing, I have finally been able to make mindfulness a part of my daily routine since beginning working with Peter with his seminars and personal follow ups. He is a masterful teacher and has been so knowledgeable and patient with me as I struggled to make this new behaviour stick. With the help of Peter’s kind and supportive encouragement we tried a number of methods and routines before settling on one that works well for me and my schedule. I have noticed the benefits of this mindfulness practice both professionally and personally in the way I approach a range of everyday situations and it has helped with my stress levels, sleep and my ability to deal with setbacks. I can’t recommend Peter and his mindfulness coaching more highly."

"The impact of mindfulness practice on daily life cannot be underestimated. Peter made the group workshops very easy to follow, and I received great encouragement from our personal follow up sessions. I have found that mindfulness has changed the way I think, the way I tackle challenges and has given me scope to free myself from worrying about ‘the small stuff’."

"Having an introductory course to mindfulness available in my workplace was really appreciated and I feel it has been beneficial in reducing stress levels. Having tried to be 'mindful' before and having not been able to sustain the practice, Peter’s program, that included personal follow up sessions, has really helped me to integrate the practice of mindfulness into my daily life. Peter provided a range of mindful exercises which are flexible and adaptable which means they can be applied to a range of different situations. This has meant that mindful practices could be more easily be incorporated within my working day as well as at home on a regular basis." 


"I’ve found by following your mindfulness practice, I feel better able to concentrate, focus and work more efficiently. It would be great if other staff have the opportunity to share in this training and especially the one on one sessions. I am very grateful to you and found your gentle calming nature reassuring me in learning how to be mindful."


"Peter’s introductory mindfulness training was fantastic. It was great to learn the background to mindfulness practice as well as to try a variety of mindfulness exercises. It was even better to be able to follow up with Peter after the initial session because the follow-up sessions were gentle reminders for me to keep up with practicing mindfulness. I also enjoyed hearing about and learning from the experiences of my colleagues during the group sessions. The mindfulness training has been very beneficial to me – I can focus more on work tasks at work, and am doing a better job of 'living in the moment' outside of work."

"I found the mindfulness program to be useful to my well-being both overall and particularly while at work. I really enjoyed working with Peter as his style of delivery is encouraging and accepting which helped in learning a skill which was completely new to me. During the program I was able to practice mindfulness and learn ways to incorporate this skill easily into my everyday life without a lot of fuss or effort. I have noticed being calmer and more focused at work as a result, and plan to continue my practice."

"Learning the practice of mindfulness has been very rewarding experience. I had some interest in it before I started having sessions with Peter, but I didn’t really understand it. Peter was a great mindfulness teacher and explained the concepts in an easy to understand manner. I am as surprised as anyone, but through practicing mindfulness regularly I now feel I have some great skills to manage and cope with difficult situations when they arise. I’d like to thank Peter for his ongoing support through the process of learning mindfulness. He was patient, encouraging and supportive through the whole process and was always happy to answer my many questions! I don’t think I would have continued to practice mindfulness and find a routine that works for me if it wasn’t for Peter and our personal check ins. I now value the importance of mindfulness and will keep practicing it on a regular basis." 

"Having access to someone for one on one mindfulness guidance really helped me. I have tried some other mindfulness classes in the past but I wasn’t able to build a regular practice. Peter’s encouragement and helpful advice have helped me to continue on and integrate mindfulness practice into my life, with obvious benefits."

"The opportunity to participate in the mindfulness training (and in particular the one on one-sessions), provided me with the ability to cope with a lot of current challenges, and still be capable of coming to work every day and being a productive, contributing member of a team. I was able to manage my stress, behaviour and output on a very conscious level. I have come out of the training feeling stronger, more aware and have an increased sense of self belief in my ability to deal with challenging situations."

"Having an experience of mindfulness - it didn’t just happen, it was a conscious effort to repeat the mindfulness activities over sufficient time to entrench the habit. I enjoyed the follow up support from Peter, he kept consistently reminding me to practice. I feel I benefited in having a clearer mind - more able to focus on immediate tasks and turn down the background self-talk that is not relevant. Being able to locate the calm centre that exists inside me quickly brings a feeling of relaxation returning me refreshed back to my immediate tasks."

"Through learning mindfulness with Peter, my sleeping has improved dramatically. I have become calmer and more rational and I do not fly off the handle as quickly as I once would. I feel more confident in myself and know that I have the resources available to help myself."

Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom.


Victor Frankl

Neurologist, psychiatrist, author